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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Endangered Animals

This week was my birthday and I got many stamps. Most of the stamps are from countries that I had not had in my collection before. One new country were the United Nations.

The United Nations were founded in 1945 as International Organisation. The most important tasks of the United Nations are the protection of the world peace, the compliance of the law of nations, the protection of the human rights and the advancement of the international cooperation.
The United Nations issues since 1951 their own stamps. The United Nations stamps are issued in Geneva (in SFr.), Vienna (in Euro) and New York (in USD). 

My stamps come from New York.
One set is this:

Endangered Animals (issued 19-04-2012)
- Giant Panda
- Short-horned Chameleon
- Oncilla
- Cotton-headed Tamarin

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