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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Seto Leelo

This year I got many stamps as Christmas presents. Many of them are from countries which I had not in my collection before.

A new country is Estonia.

One souvenir sheet is this:

Cultural Heritage Year (issued 03-08-2013)

The Leelo is the cornerstone of contemporary identity for the Seto community living in south-eastern Estonia and the Pechory district of the Russian Federation. Leelo is an ancient polyphonic singing tradition performed to traditional melodies and in traditional costume. The lead singer sings a line and choir joins in for the last syllables and then repeats the line. The most singers are women. On the Seto Kingdom Day the best singer is crowned as the King's Mother of Song. The Seto Leelo is since 2009 a Intangible Cultural Heritage of the UNESCO.

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