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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Bantengan and Bukcheong

On Thursday I got a postcard from Indonesia with a complete stamp set on it.

The stamp set is this:

40 years Diplomatic Relations with South Korea (issued 17-09-2013)
(It is a joint issue with South Korea)

The first stamp shows the Bukcheong Lion Play in Korea.
The other stamp shows Bantengan. Bantengan is originated from Banteng which means Bull. Bantengan comes from Java and is played by two people wearing cow masks. The Cow represents power, justice and prosperity and hold the evil Monkey and Tiger. Bantengan is related with the agricultural culture of Java and is performed by farmers of nearby villages. Since 2008 the Bantengan groups come together in Batu to perform Bantengan in a great parade.

Thank You very much Shinta!

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