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Monday, 2 May 2016

Beer Brewing in Germany

Last Saturday returned a special collectible to me. I took a beer mat with an advertising for a local beer brand, placed on it one of the new beer stamps and sent it to the Deutsche Post to get a matching special postmark. 

The stamp is about the 500th anniversary of the German purity law and was issued on 7th April 2016. 

The German purity law for beer is one of the oldest still effective food regulations in the World. In 1487 the first purity law came into force in Munich. In 1516 the law was expanded to the whole of Bavaria. According to the law only hops, malt and water were allowed to be used during the brewing of beer. Since 1906 the law is also used in other parts of Germany.

On 5th May 1983 another stamp about the German purity law was issued, which commemorated more than 450 years since the law was enacted. As I have this stamp only on a FDS, I also bought the FDS of the new stamp.

Hops are one of the three ingredients of beer.
To commemorate more than 1100 years of hop growing in Germany a stamp was issued on 16th July 1998.

Today beer is mainly produced in large kettles.
I recently got this maxicard showing the kettles. The stamp is a definitive and was issued on 16th June 1982.

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