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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Georg Büchner

On Friday I bought the new German stamps.

One stamp was this:

200th birthday of Georg Büchner (issued 10-10-2013)

Georg Büchner was born in 1813 in Goddelau in the near of Darmstadt. He spent his childhood and teens in Darmstadt and in 1831 he moved to Strasbourg to study doctor’s stuff. In 1833 he moved to the university in Giessen. When he was there he sampled the bullying of the authority, so in 1834 he wrote the anonymous pamphlet “Der Hessische Landbote”. Because of this he was pursued by the public authorities, but in 1835 was able to escape to Strasbourg. In this year he also wrote his first stage play “Danton’s Death”. He died in 1837 in Zurich. He is one of the most significant German dramatist. 

I bought also a First Day Sheet.

front side:

back side:

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