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Saturday, 11 February 2017

The Town Musicians of Bremen

Once upon a time there was a Donkey who was too old to do a good job wherefore his owner planned to get rid of him. But before he was killed, he ran way and decided to become a Town Musician in Bremen. On his way to the Hanseatic City he met an old gundog who was fated to die, as he was not able to go hunting anymore. The donkey convinced him to join his plans and the Dog was happy to do so. Going along the couple also picked up a Cat, who did not want to hunt for mice due to her age, and a Rooster, whose owner decided to make chicken soup. As a foursome they continued their journey.

As their way was too long for one day they took quarters under a big tree in the forest, but before they went to sleep the Rooster noticed a light of a house in the distance and the four animals chose the go there instead. Finally reaching the house the Donkey looked through the window and saw a group of robbers sitting at a richly laid table. Starved by their journey the four considered how they would get the meal and luckily found a way: the Dog climbs on the Donkey, the Cat on the Dog and the Rooster on the Cat and all together they would start to sing. Bursting this way the window of the house the robbers were so afraid that they immediately escaped. Happy about their success the four friends started to eat all that was left by the robbers.

At midnight when the animals were already asleep, one robber returned to the house to check if it is safe again. But the animals awoke and frightened the robber so much, that never anybody returned to the house. The Donkey, the Dog, the Cat and the Rooster enjoyed their new home so much that they never left it again and actually never reached Bremen.

As you can see this year's German Welfare stamps show the Town Musicians of Bremen. They were issued on Thursday, the 9th February 2017.

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