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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Sleeping Beauty

On Thursday I bought the new German stamps and I also got two stamps from Russia I needed to complete a stamp set.

Sleeping Beauty (issued 05-02-2015)

After different tries a royal couple finally gets a daughter. For her baptism they invite twelve fairies, but because of a lack in dishes they can not invite the thirteenth fairy. But she comes anyway and maledicts their daughter. She says that the princess will die after she pricks her finger with a spindle on her fifteenth birthday. Luckily one of the other fairies is able to weaken the malediction, so that she will just fall in a hundred years sleep. From fear the king orders to burn all spindles in the kingdom.

But on her fifteenth birthday the princess explores a tower room and finds an old woman with a spindle. She also wants to try it and pricks her finger.

According to the malediction the princess and the other persons in the castle fall asleep and around the castle arises an impenetrable hedge with thorns.

After hundred years roses blossom on the hedge and a prince is able to come to the princess, kisses her and lifts the malediction. At the end the princess marries her saviour.

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