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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Joos van Cleve "Geburt Christi"

On Monday I got a postcard from Austria.

On the postcard is a great stamp with First Day Special Postmark:

Christmas (issued 15-11-2013)

The Stamp shows the painting "Geburt Christi" painted by Joos van Cleve. The painting is today in the Museum of Art History in Vienna.
Joos van Cleve was born in 1485 as Joos van der Beke. He was a Dutch painter and his paintings were in the houses of rich people in whole Europe. Today his paintings are in the most significant museums in the world. He died in 1540.
When I saw this stamp it reminds me of the German Christmas carol "O du Fröhliche".
O du fröhliche, o du selige,
gnadenbringende Weihnachtszeit!
Welt ging verloren, Christ ist geboren:
Freue, freue dich, o Christenheit!

Thank You very much Marco!

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