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Friday, 8 May 2015

Australia and World War I

On Saturday I got a stamp set from Australia on a postcard.

This is it:

World War I Centenary (issued 14-04-2015)
The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps landed on 25th April 1915 on the Gallipoli Peninsula.
On 19th May Ottoman forces tried to push the Allied troops back to the sea. Lance Corporal Albert Jacka later received Australia's first Victoria Cross for helping to repel this assault.
Later in August the Australian 1st Brigade made a diversionary attack at Lone Pine during an Allied offensive.
Private John Simpson Kirkpatrick transported wounded men, of which there were many during the campaign, on the back of his donkey to a dressing station. After three weeks he was killed.
From 18th to 20th December the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps was withdrawn from Gallipoli as the victory was deemed unachievable.

Thank You very much Nareeda!


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