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Monday, 29 September 2014

Little Tadpoles looking for their mother

Today I got a stamp set from China on a postcard.

This is it:

Little Tadpoles looking for their mother (issued 01-06-2013)
(from bottom to top)
- the Tadpoles and Grandpa Shrimp
- the Tadpoles and the goldfish
- the Tadpoles and the crab
- the Tadpoles and the tortoise
- the Tadpoles and their mother the frog
Little Tadpoles looking for their mother is a fairy tale written by Fang Huizhen and Sheng Lude and tells about the scientific law for tadpoles' development by metamorphosis. In 1960 it was filmed as China's first colour ink painting cartoon by Shanghai Animation Film Studio. The paintings are originally by Qi Baishi.

Thank You very much Mo!

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